What We Do

Collect and analyze data in real time, create and track tasks for your entire team, build custom workflows that are facility, room, or strain specific, and review batch performance analytics to optimize future yields. The data you collect with Trym becomes your recipe for success.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions, equipment statuses, growth cycles, and light events in every room of your facility.

Batch Management

Batch Management

Track plants from seedling through harvest, with a complete history of environmental conditions, tasks, energy use and costs.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Receive notifications for environmental conditions that are out of range, changes in light cycles, and daily task schedules so you’ll always be informed.

Team Management

Task Management

Easily create, assign, and track tasks so it’s clear what needs to be done, who’s responsible for doing it, and when it should be completed.

How It Works

Trym provides full operational visibility with automated data collection and analysis, giving growers powerful insights to optimize their yeild - down to specific varieties and profiles.


Environmental Data

On-site hardware collects data from environmental sensors and equipment. This data is sent to Trym to be processed, stored and analyzed.


Explore App

Insightful analytics are created using data collected from sensors and the Grow App.


Grow App

The Grow App allows cultivators to monitor their facility, manage their team, and track their plants, all from their mobile device.


Operational Inputs

Coordinate with your team, create plant batches, create and optimize workflows from the Grow App and the Explore App.

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Trym.

Matt Mayberry
CEO & Co-Founder

Benjamin Wong
COO & Co-Founder

Karen Mayberry
Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Sean McCullough

Zach Siglin
Sr. Software Engineer

Jesus Mendoza
Software Engineer

Cory Madden
Software Engineer

Matthew Johnson
Principal Engineer

Josh Tarter
Customer Support Manager

Getting started with Trym

Our team is committed to your success with Trym and will support you through every step of your on-boarding process. From initial design and installation, to user setup and training, we manage the entire process for you.

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